Nominate A Teacher

Every public school district in Hamilton County, Ohio is eligible to participate in “Celebrate Excellence”. Participating districts submit the name and professional biographic information, resume and/or nomination forms about their “Educator of the Year” to the Foundation office by the published deadline.  Letters of support are not required.

If a district does not have an established program for determining their Educator of the Year, HCEF can provide a sample nomination form, selection criteria and other helpful information to facilitate setting up a program.

Characteristics of an excellent educator might include, but are not limited to the following:

• Demonstrates a high commitment toward student achievement.
• Has the ability to challenge students at all levels.
• Is seen by others as genuine, authentic, and sincere.
• Is a caring, thoughtful person who extends him or herself to make a positive difference.
• Shows understanding of others – peers, parents, children, community.
• Continues to improve personally and professionally.
• Other positive characteristics that may be motivational, supportive, enthusiastic, creative, etc.

The 2017 “Celebrate Excellence” educator 2-page nomination form will be available in January 2017.

Feel free to view the 2014 nomination form for suggested criteria. CelebrateExcellence Nomination 2014-pg1 and Celebrate Excellence Nomination 2014-pg 2